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Walkera Peri Drone

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Walkera Peri, CES. Jan 11, 2018 Vegas - (Walkera -- Walkera Peri prototype is about the size of a water bottle, includes a 4K camera on a 3 axis gimbal to give you that smooth cinematic video capture.  The GPS allows for the drone to return home autonomously.  No restrictions, all fly zones. This prototype has  4 colors to choose from: Misano Red, Samoyed Yellow, Hainan Blue, Foil Silver.  This model may not surface to the public, but a limited edition will be tested. Size: 175 Sensors: optical flow, GPS Camera: 4K 30fps Gimbal: 3-axis Dual control mode : BNF with phone control or Devo F8 Range: 1km Flight time: 15mins...

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