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The Fire Fighting Drone FE15 has a ultra strong load capability and anti tremor design, folds up ready for a fire fighter’s deployment.  The FE15 carries a high magnification telescope and the high frame rate night vision camera.  With high precision, it can launch the fire extinguisher projectile accurately in a complex fire weather environment. The real-time target control points are displayed on the ground control points, which greatly improves the accuracy of shooting and improves the efficiency of rescue.

walkera fe15

  • 30X optical zoom camera
  • 13KGS Payload
  • 35mins flight time
  • Auto return to launch point.
  • Long range
  • Night vision targeting system
  • Precision strike
  • 40 meters extinguisher maximum range
  • ABC Superfine dry powder agent type

The FE15 fire fighting drone uses infrared TOF technology, it can recognize obstacles 5m away in the front and then stop by using intelligent obstacle avoidance system, a high-precision sensor.

Walkera fe15

Standard package comes with 30X optical zoom camera. It can monitor fire location in detailed from a long distance to help firefighters make better decisions and determine rescue plans. You can load different equipments according to different need, like Infrared thermal imaging camera and low light night vision camera.

  • Specifications: download
  • Price: USD$18000 - $32000 Fully Loaded

Dealers and pricing configuration available, please contact us for updates in English.

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