Walkera Vitus Parts Moves to Washington USA Warehouse

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Walkera Vitus Parts. March 1, 2018 Washington - (USA Center for Drones) -- Walkera moves that Vitus parts to Washington Warehouse.  The Vitus is a folding quadcopter that provides the portability for travel, equipped with GPS, with a choice of 4k HD camera or 1080P Night Vision camera.  

Parts List https://ucdrone.com/collections/vitus-parts

Walkera Vitus Parts

Parts List https://ucdrone.com/collections/vitus-parts

Vitus 320-Z-01 226543300 Propellers
Vitus 320-Z-02 226543400 Airframe front cover
Vitus 320-Z-03 226543500 Airframe main frame
Vitus 320-Z-04 226543600 Airframe bottom cover
Vitus 320-Z-05B 226555700 Front arm
Vitus 320-Z-06 226543800 Front arm landing skid
Vitus 320-Z-07B 226555800 Rear arm
Vitus 320-Z-08 226544000 Rear arm landing skid
Vitus 320-Z-09 226544100 Landing skid shock pad
Vitus 320-Z-10 226544200 Transparent parts
Vitus 320-Z-11 226544300 Fixed block
Vitus 320-Z-12 226544400 Gimbal bracket
Vitus 320-Z-13 226544500 Gimbal shock absorbing ball
Vitus 320-Z-14 226544600 Landing skid shaft
Vitus 320-Z-15B 226555900 Shaft
Vitus 320-Z-16B 226556000 Front landing skid fixed block(Left)
Vitus 320-Z-17B 226556100 Front landing skid fixed block(Right)
Vitus 320-Z-18B 226556200 Rear landing skid fixed block(Left)
Vitus 320-Z-19B 226556300 Rear landing skid fixed block(Right)
Vitus 320-Z-20 226545200 Bracket connector
Vitus 320-Z-21 226545300 Cooling fin
Vitus 320-Z-22B 226556400 Screw bag
Vitus 320-Z-23 226545500 Brushless motor(WK-WS-28-017A)
Vitus 320-Z-24 226545600 Brushless ESC(Red LED)
Vitus 320-Z-25 226545700 Brushless ESC(Blue LED)
Vitus 320-Z-26 226545800 Main board(flight controller & receiver included)
Vitus 320-Z-27 226545900 Gyro
Vitus 320-Z-28 226546000 GPS module
Vitus 320-Z-29 226546100 Image transmission board
Vitus 320-Z-30 226546200 4K Camera power board
Vitus 320-Z-31 226546300 4K Camera main board
Vitus 320-Z-32 226546400 Flexible PCB
Vitus 320-Z-33 226546500 Gimbal flexible PCB
Vitus 320-Z-34 226546700 Receiver antenna
Vitus 320-Z-35 226546800 Transfer cable
Vitus 320-Z-36 226546900 power set
Vitus 320-Z-37 226527100 Charger(US plug)
Vitus 320-Z-38 226547500 Gimbal(VITUS-G1)
Vitus 320-Z-39 226547600 Infrared components
Vitus 320-Z-40 226547700 Front infrared board
Vitus 320-Z-41 226547800 Optical flow camera
Vitus 320-Z-42 226548500 Cooling fan
Vitus 320-Z-43 226555300 Shoulder bag

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