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Walkera Vitus. July 30, 2017 Florida - (USA Center for Drones) -- Walkera unveiled the Vitus, a mixed augmented reality folding drone that brings gamers and First Person View (FPV) pilots into one field, for an intense world of virtual competition. A folding quadcopter provides users the portability to travel with a fully equipped GPS drone with a choice of 4k HD camera or 1080P Night Vision camera.  Walkera's first folding mixed reality quadcopter to be launched internationally and will be available July 2017 in the United States and Canada, as well as across Europe and Asia.

Model: Vitus

  • Cameras 4k 30 fps, 1080P 60 fps. FOV: 85°
  • includes optical sensors, waypoints, avoidance and preloaded virtual reality games
  • Flight Time: 25 minutes
  • Radio Frequency: dual 2.4 gHz/5.8 gHz, FPV, 1 km

As the world's first mixed reality Unmanned Aerial Vehicle game console, Vitus pairs with mobile devices for virtual games. Just find an open field, start the quadcopter, this will be your track or battlefield!
Racing mode: set up a virtual track, practice flight, promote your flying skills.
Battle mode: fighter pilot engaged, fire targets, shooting down enemy planes. Multiplayer plans in the future.
Colection Mode: Collect the gold coins following designated routes, rewards for completing each task.

Press Kit, Photo archives for distribution: zip file 
Questions, contact: 
USA Center for Drones (UCDrone.com)
Walkera Vitus
Submit request at www.ucdrones.com
Attn: Leo Yang
212 S Mead St
Seattle, WA 98108

Games studios who are interested in developing and distributing future games, please contact the USA Center for Drones.  
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About Walkera
Walkera (www.walkera.com) established in 1994 in Guangzhou, China; becoming the largest professional aero­model manufacturer focused on the research and sale of small, consumer aerial models.  Walkera known for developing the first commercially available micro quadcopter, The Ladybird, that started the consumer drone race.  The company now owns two subsidiaries in North America and Europe, exporting products to more than 100 countries and regions.

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