Walkera Furious 215 Racing Drone Quadcopter

  • $279.00

The Walkera Furious 215 is the latest ready-to-fly racing drone quadcopter. The fuselage wheelbase is 215mm, designed around the F3 Flight Controller with rapid response speed, thus providing pilots a first-class flight experience. If you are into racing and freestyle aerobatic flying, this may be for you. Airframe design is modern, is simple, lightweight fuselage but with a rugged crash structure. Pilots can upgrade and replace all key components. With the high-performance brushless motors, we decide to combine it with 5040 5-inches clover propellers and a 4S 60c LiPo, to give you that adrenaline rush!  The Walkera Furious 215 also made the switched to SONY 1/3" Super HAD II CCD at 600 TVL to optimize the maximum 625 individual scan lines when in transmitted in PAL or 525 lines in NTSC

Multiple reinforcements
The whole body will use high resistance carbon fiber materials, the thickness of arms will be 4mm which enable the quadcopter to be stronger and more crash-resistant . The removable arms make maintenance much easier and lowers your cost of maintenance. Another “Mad Max design”, the head uses curved carbon fiber to protect the camera and effectively disperse the impact force. Bottom plate provides redundancy for high impact reinforcements. The upper plate is separated from the compact battery mounting plate, which greatly reduces the chance of the upper plate breaking during inverted collision.

The Power Distribution Board (PDB) is cut to precision to the shape of the chassis floor. Integrated with On Screen Display (OSD), there is a OSD connector at the bottom of the board to adjust the parameters 


BNF: does not include the Devo 7 radio transmitter, LiPo battery and charger

RTF: includes the Devo 7 radio transmitter, LiPo battery and charger


  • ESC supporting oneshot 125/oneshot42, high-performance 2500KV brushless motor combined with 5040 5” propeller and 4S power battery.

  • Airframe made of high strength carbon fiber, robust arm at 4mm thickness; 4 independent arms achieve lower maintenance cost

  • Onboard active beeper and integrated OSD, provided with OSD tuning connector at its bottom for the purpose of tuning.

  • 600TVL performs under the lowlight and backlight surrounding. Equipped with FOV-130°wide-angle lens of focus-2.5mm. High performance video transmission system supports 600mW (at maximum) power switching (FCC version), estimated transmission distance of 1.5 kilometers.

  • F3 flight controller for convenient upgrading and tuning

 Furious 215 parts

* Radio transmitter factory default is Mode 2, you can change it DIY. 

Why Order Direct:
   . North Americas Exclusive Warranty
   . Direct sales Walkera management
   . Support tickets and local telephone
   . We carry all parts in our warehouse for DIY
   . Authorized Service Center at Seattle, LA and New York
   . Tracking.  Ships from Seattle 99%, backorders fills from the factory at no extra cost.

Sold by official Walkera Warehouse and DIY Center located at USA Center for Drones (UCdrone). Starting 2018, this order is integrated with our warehouse system and an Order Confirmation will be issued by Walkera in Washington.  Warehouses do not like to hold inventory for long, so count on us, we will be conducting sales, deals all year round.   Add to Watch List or Save Seller to follow our warehouse deals.

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