Walkera DEVO 7 2.4Ghz Digital Transmitter BNF NoBox

Walkera DEVO 7 2.4Ghz Digital Transmitter BNF NoBox

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Walkera DEVO 7 2.4Ghz Digital Transmitter (New Replacement)
Walkera rocked the market with the good WK series transmitter some time ago and introduced the DEVO 7 paired with popular models such as the Rodeo 110, Rodeo 150, Furious 215, Furious 210 Etc. The DEVO 7 is the programmable entry level of the DEVO series, it's a 7-Channel 2.4Ghz DSSS Transmitter that carries all the important features that you need for your 6-Channel aircraft, like the Throttle and Pitch curve, 3 flight mode (Normal, IDLE 1, IDLE 2), Dual Rate (DR) and EXP settings, Servo reverse, Swashplate mode and Gyro sensitivity.  The DEVO 7 offers the best solution for performance and low price, that's a very good news for every beginner or intermediate players.

Frustration-Free Package: This is a new frustration-free earth friendly package item direct from our warehouse, that means you receive the same product without the fanciful packaging for a lower price. This is a Radio from our assembly line, made available to complete a RTF package insert, for clubs and distributed to Authorized Service Centers.  

This DEVO 7 transmitter can store up to 15 model memories, that means you can control up-to 14 Walkera aircrafts.   You can request to have a model profile added by leaving a message on your order or pick up any Quick Start Guide and create a new model.

This official package includes :
1 x Walkera DEVO 7 Transmitter frustration-free box

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