About UCDrone at Walkera

UC Drone Inc, the USA Center for Drones and North America Walkera Warehouse, is pleased to announce we are now independent and longer a part of our previous parent company.  Besides manufacturing, R&D, our plans are to move as much models and parts to the USA to service our North American customers and dealership. Using the most advanced Fulfillment System, dealers can also now order online using our catalog.  Warehouses do not like to hold inventory for long, so count on us, we will be conducting sales, deals all year round, so check back for more surplus deals.  

At UC Drone (You See Drone!), we have a few major goals we look to achieve in 2018, become the main Walkera Parts Fulfillment Center, establish two USA Authorized Service Center and to provide an Extended USA Warranty Coverage on all drones purchased at UCDrone.com.  In addition, we are Google and GDPR-compliant (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), 5 months ahead of the effective date.

Thank you for visiting our online ordering system, for questions, please submit them at Support 

Shipping Warehouse Location.: 

212 S Mead St
Seattle, WA 98108

Tel: 206-762-2023 (Mon-Thr 11am - 4pm PST, West Coast) 

Factory: No.48 Wantai Rd, Taishi Industrial Park,
Dongchong Town,Nansha Dist, Guangzhou, China.

Major Holidays usaChina. Please note our USA Warehouse will close during Christmas/New Year holidays - month of December every year.  Our China Factory will close during the Chinese Spring Festival Celebrations - month of February, every year, for two weeks.



UC DRONE INC and it’s service partners offer maintenance plans to customers who want to get their models repaired or maintained.  Like any vehicles, regular maintenance is recommended.  Please create a Support ticket for instructions before sending any models for service.  Please be prepared to include videos or photos showing areas needing repairs, in order to obtain estimates.  Contact Support

About Walkera
Walkera established in 1994 in Guangzhou, China; becoming the largest professional aero­model manufacturer focused on the research and sales of personal consumer aerial models.  Walkera known for developing the first commercially available micro quadcopter, The Ladybird, that started the consumer drone race.  Walkera now owns two subsidiaries, UCDrone North America and Europe, exporting products to more than 100 countries and regions.