Product Research

Product Manager Research hot products for  Included are the low competitive match price ($).  If you can compete, than do it, it increase customers, like Hobbyking


  • SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 2018 New Version- Authentic SkyRC ($43)
  • NEW Imax B6AC+ 50W AC/DC Dual Power Balance Charger For RC Lipo/NiCd Battery ($33) - black color
  • 2 x FatShark 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Mushroom ($10) 
  • Taranis x7s (match $195)
  • Taranis x10s
  • MicroSD card 32 gb class 10, rebranded ($7) and use for advertising
  • Fatshark Recon
  • Take the best walkera fpv camera, make a generic cable, signal, power and ground.  Rebrand/oem for advertising.  Make it orange color

Business Plan

Take over ucdrone .com yes
Outsource link to, they can pay us 17% of all sales, and we professionally manage the online store from Washington. You have to think professional service, not we pay walkera, walkera pay us. This will keep the important relationship with Walkera
Phase 3. Rent warehouse to Walkera to continue to support dealer returns, clearing old inventory and seattle dropship service
Rent warehouse to other companies who wants to be in USA and provide dropship service
Charge after-sales service to Walkera, example HRP/dealers customers is calling Seattle everyday. We can trained USA customer service. Requires a Service Level Agreement
Sign partnership to supply to 3 superstores like Target.

  • Extended Warranty Cost / trade-in
  • giftcards
  • digital download firmware