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Thank you for shopping with us. For better tracking and support:

1. If you have any questions specific to UCdrone orders, products, UCdrone warranties or general repair services, please submit a [Ticket Here] (Team USA 24 hours operated by Walkera staff) or Tel: 206-762-2023 (Mon-Thr 11am - 3pm PST)

Authorized Service Centers
(A) Seattle, Walkera
212 S Mead St
Seattle, WA 98108

(B) East Coast, UR Tech

5717 Enterprise Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057

(C) West Coast, Ymax
10172 Olney St
EL Monte, CA 91731

(D) Factory No.48 Wantai Rd, Taishi Industrial Park,
Dongchong Town,Nansha Dist, Guangzhou, China.

Schedule Repair Request [Ticket System]

2. If you purchased your product from a dealer or have question about your dealer's Walkera warranties, please note that our center does not support the China sales office or dealers. So as not to delay addressing your question, I suggest you contact your authorized agent/dealer or submit a form at or Tel: +86 20-84915666 or email Walkera at to expedite the service.


► Looking for a unlisted part, legacy models, submit your request to our factory: [Ticket System]

► For all non-warranty repairs and maintenance:  [Ticket System]

Before you send your equipment in for repairs, please complete the steps