Walkera Fans Video 15% Coupon

Walkera Fans, here is a great coupon for you because we love videos that are simple, good humour, good content, in your hometown settings and just fun.  Get your video featured next!  If you accept the following conditions, please proceed to submit your video and you will receive a 15% coupon code off your next order:


  1. Submit any Walkera aircraft flying video 30 seconds or more
  2. On Your video on youtube clearly type "Flying My Walkera Drone at UCDrone.com" or simply join in the fun, add this splash clip (zip file download) at the beginning or end of your video.  Your choice.
  3. Please send us the video link by submitting a ticket at www.ucdrone.com support

To order your item when you receive a coupon, Add to Cart, go to CART, Checkout, Use Coupon Code, apply your COUPON code, and complete checkout.

We are appreciate your participation on this community project, UC Drone reserves the right make any changes, postpone, cancel this program at anytime.


Featured video from the community