Warehousing, Dropship and Fulfillment Services

Let us be part of your staff in USA.  We design shopping carts to automate distribute of your products to different sales channel (your company website, Ebay, NewEgg, Amazon etc), inventory control, dropship without using FBA.  We bill hourly on what you need accomplished.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Service

Low fees make us a top fulfillment choice for Amazon sellers. We leverage Amazon warehouses around the USA to meet your need, fast delivery and accurate.  Pay as you go, pay as you grow, professionally manage.

Our professional services

Marketing to more. Custom listing in multiple qualified market space, writing,editing, create UPC, video and photography

(Ebay global market space, Sears, Amazon B2C B2B wholesale, NewEgg B2C B2B and many more)

Your company account or our share B2B account or have both

Staff $20 an hour

(depend on how many sales channels)

Company online store, shopping cart and store management, order system, inventory control

$20 an hour

(estimate 2 hours a week M-F per product when promoting)

Recruit, select reviewers in Facebook and manage reviewer refunds without Paypal fees (Paypal USA)

$20 an hour

(estimate 2 hours a week M-F per product when promoting)

Dropship and fulfillment administration (prepaid when stored)  $2 per product plus prepaid shipping
Long term and offsite storage $1.00 per cubic foot
Amazon warehouses see Amazon rates

2018 example rates, according to Amazon using FBA 

Monthly inventory storage fee

Monthly inventory storage fees typically are charged between the 7th and 15th day of the month following the month for which the fee applies. For example, to see your inventory storage fee for January, refer to the February Payments report for transactions from February 7-15.

Fees vary by product-size tier and by month. Although standard-size products are often smaller than oversize products, they require more complex and costly shelving, drawers, and bins for storage. Fees are charged by cubic foot, however, so overall storage fees for standard-size products may be less than those for oversize products, based on volume.

Month Standard-size Oversize
January - September $0.69 per cubic foot $0.48 per cubic foot
October - December $2.40 per cubic foot $1.20 per cubic foot

Long-term inventory storage fee

A long-term storage fee applies to units that have been stored in an Amazon fulfillment center for more than 180 days.

The long-term storage fee is in addition to the monthly inventory storage fee. If you submit a removal order for inventory before the cleanup date, that inventory won’t be subject to long-term storage fees.

Standard shipping (3-5 business days)
Size 1 unit 2 units 3 units 4 units 5+ units

Small standard: 1 lb or less

$5.85 $3.75 $3.35 $3.25 $2.20

Large standard-size: 1 lb or less

$5.90 $3.90 $3.40 $3.30 $2.80

Large standard-size: 1 to 2 lb

$5.95 $3.95 $3.45 $3.35 $2.95

Large standard-size: Over 2 lb

$5.95 + $0.39/lb above first 2 lb $3.95 + $0.39/lb above first 2 lb $3.45 + $0.39/lb above first 2 lb $3.35 + $0.39/lb above first 2 lb $2.95 + $0.39/lb above first 2 lb

For complete Amazon rates see https://sellercentral.amazon.com

FBA storage fees increase dramatically in October-December. This is something to watch closely if you use FBA, and is a major reason that volume sellers rarely use FBA as their sole storage option. Instead, power sellers often store the bulk of their inventory in our shared storage warehouse. Then we periodically ship just enough stock to FBA to cover a range of forecasted sales on your behalf during October-December.