Walkera F210 F210-3D 250Pro Brushless motor CW F210-Z-21B WK-WS-28-014A

  • $21.00

Brushless motor Clockwise (CW )(WK-WS-28-014A), genuine replacement parts for the 210 size quadcopter for racing, designed to meet the racing leagues, takes away the guesswork of putting together a racing quadcopter drone.  Same part for the F210 and F2103D and Runner 250Pro. 

Why Order Direct:
   . North Americas Exclusive Warranty
   . Direct sales Walkera management
   . Support tickets and local telephone
   . We carry all parts in our warehouse for DIY
   . Authorized Service Center at Seattle and New York
   . Tracking.  Ships from Seattle 99%, backorders fills from the factory at no extra cost.

Sold by Walkera's official warehouse and DIY Center located at USA Center for Drones (UCdrone). Starting 2018, this order is integrated with our warehouse system and an Order Confirmation will be issued by Walkera in Washington.

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