Walkera G-3DH Brushless Drone Camera Gimbal DJI F450 360 Degrees Tilt Control

  • $164.90

Walkera G-3DH Brushless Camera for quadcopter drones. High precision brushless motor driving control system. Perfectly support GoPro3, GoPro3+, iLook, iLook+, Firefly, Git2 cameras.  Now this is what you're talking about. A gimbal that is made with the strongest aluminum alloy CNC precision machining, brushless motor drive, and high accuracy. Basically it is the "royal with cheese" of brushless camera gimbals that can offer stability and accurate control during high-speed piloting. Its 360 degree omni-directional 3 axis gimbal offers the most maneuverability and flexibility than your local yogi. 

Gimbal With 360 Degrees. Tilt Control Specification: Operating voltage: 2S-6S LiPo (7.4V-26V). Static current: 380mA (@12V). Dynamic current: 380-550mA (@12V) Pitch control angle: -360 (Degree Sign) - +360 (Degree Sign). Roll control angle: -45 (Degree Sign) - +45 (Degree Sign). Level control angle:-360 (Degree Sign) - +360 (Degree Sign) Weight: 221g (without camera) Dimension: 153*82*110mm Features:

Simple operation, more stable for video shooting. Smart design, aluminium built. High precision, hyper stable designed for aerial photography or DIY video shooting.  Light and agility, easy to use, just plug and play.

Notes:  Allow about 7 inches off the ground for the camera to point vertically down.  You can use the provided screws to attach the gimbal on your drone or use zip-ties to easily attach the gimbal.  

About the G-3DH: Like all gimbals, the G-3DH is professionally calibrated with a GoPro by it's specific weight to provide you the perfect balance.  You will need the camera attached before you power on.  You can use any comparative camera within the same weight.

Why Order Direct:

   . North Americas Exclusive Warranty
   . Direct sales Walkera management
   . Support tickets and local telephone
   . We carry all parts in our warehouse for DIY
   . Authorized Service Center at Seattle and New York
   . Tracking.  Ships from Seattle 99%, backorders fills from the factory at no extra cost.


Sold by Walkera's official warehouse and DIY Center located at USA Center for Drones (UCdrone).  Starting 2018, this order is integrated with our warehouse system and an Order Confirmation will be issued by Walkera in Washington.

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