Walkera PadHolder Powerbank Ground Station

  • $62.79

Walkera PadHolder Tablet Holder practical as a Ground Station.  The convenient powerbank keeps your smart devices charge when you are out in the field.

Technical Specifications Dimensions
Main product: 216x131x40mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 343g
General Input voltage:3.0-5.5V
The maximum output current:2.0A
The maximum input current:1.0A
Battery:3.7V 4200mAh Li-Po No-load
output valtage:5.10V

Back-Up Power! Economical Grip! Bluetooth Clip!
DJI Phantom 2
DJI S1000
Walkera QR X350 PRO
Walkera Runner 250 (R) Advanced GPS Quadcopter Drone
Walkera Runner 250 DIY
Walkera Runner 250 Racer
Walkera Scout X4 FPV
Walkera Scout X4 FPV
Walkera Tali H500
Walkera TALI H500 FPV 5.8Ghz
Walkera X350 Premium

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